Very Tired, But Present.

If this makes no sense it isn't my fault. Blame this cursed earthly flesh vessel more commonly referred to as a 'human body' which apparently requires sleep to function. Thanks Obama.

I am so exhausted I don't even know where to begin. The good news: I fixed my sleeping pattern. The bad news: I got very busy again. The bad news is also good news for me, because I'm busy with things that are going to be great for me in the long run, but it does mean that the only spare energy I have right now is spent on keeping up to date with TOWIE and remembering to take my makeup off before I go to bed. Like I'm sure I've said in a previous post, I've got everything that's meant to be going up on here over the next few weeks planned, but in order to create it I do need to be somewhat conscious and at home for more than the 20 minutes it takes me to get into my hammer pants, check my Hay Day, brush my teeth and accidentally fall asleep on top of my bed. Which is why we're getting this today and not what I'd planned. I should have Monday completely free and if that's the case I'll get everything sorted then, but in the meantime I really don't want to get into the habit of missing days again so I thought I'd just check in.

Been planning a trip, haven't I. That's not what I'm busy with, but is what I think about when I need to distract myself from the being busy. My annual eurotrip is looking to be in good shape at this stage, albeit at a slightly later date than normal. My friend Alessia, who I'm sure I've mentioned before, wants to go for a continental jaunt around the same time that I want to be in London for Summer In The City, so we thought we'd make a right go of it and carpe diem all over England, France and - of course, because it's me - Italy. We had dinner the other night to start planning, and I am ever so keen, old chums. Ever so keen. And ever so restless. My mother shares my belief that I've reached the point where I need to get out of the country, so I think this is coming together just in time to save a little bit of my sanity.

It's weird that this is probably going to be my last Melbourne Seasonal Migration for a while though. My social circle tends to operate in cycles: December to February everyone goes to Japan or Aspen, and in June/July it's basically like high school but in Europe. While I don't tend to participate in the ski season, this will be the 4th year out of the last 5 that I've hollered at the continent with my peeps, and next year I probably won't need to do that. I mean I'll still be there, but if all goes to plan I will have been living in London for a solid few months before everyone else makes it over and that's not quite the same calibre of journey. In saying this, I'm not complaining about the idea of having constant access to Europe. Quite the opposite - I plan to be in Italy any time I have enough money for EasyJet. It's more the idea that if I'm living there I won't be living here anymore, if you get me. Ideekz guyz, growing up is weird and I've been awake since 5am and I really do like Melbourne.

In the time it took me to check twitter my energy levels dropped by about 80%, so I'm going to go St Tropez it up because I'm not feeling the Elsa vibez right now and then have a solid ol' sleep, but we shall talk more on the morrow. Probably about Europe again. Because that's what's keeping my soul alive right now. Or maybe it'll be a structured planned post! Prolly not, but we can dream. Either way, many blessinz to u and ur kin. xo Ps I've been listening to Christmas music a lot lately it's becoming a thing.