My Makeup Essentials

I get quite a lot of questions about my makeup, and although this isn't a tutorial on how I actually do it, I thought I'd share witchu the products I will never, ever be without. My holy grail products, if you will. Some of them are a bit beat up at this point, but that's just testament to the fact that I have dragged them with me around the world and back again. Several times.

NARS Sheerglow Foundation in 'Deauville'
This foundation isn't cheap but it is 100% worth it. The first time I used this it was like I'd found everything I never knew was missing, and I haven't worn anything else since. It's got enough coverage for days when my skin is shit, but it doesn't look cakey, and the colour range is A+. I'd definitely recommend at least trying it out, don't let the "sheer" put you off.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallette 
I've got the original Naked Pallette too, and I do like it, but I just find the colours in this one suit me a bit better. It's got pretty much every neutral shade you need, so when I travel this is the only eyeshadow I take with me. Urban Decay eyeshadows in general are also some of the best quality in my opinion. They blend really well and tend to stay in place. V easy to work with.

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara
Obsessed. With this. Mascara. I reckon I've used this for legitimately about five years, and nothing else comes anywhere close. Whenever I run out and have to use something else for a while, as soon as I go back to this I remember exactly why I love it so much. Additionally, whenever someone asks me if I'm wearing false eyelashes it's because I've got about four layers of this bad boy on.

Sephora Shimmering Bronzing Powder in 'Deep'
I bought this by accident. When I was in Rome I ran out of my actual #1 favourite bronzer, Hula by Benefit, so I went to Sephora when we were at Termini on the way to Venice and I meant to get a matte bronzer but picked up the wrong one and ended up with this. However, it was a happy mistake as I have been thoroughly enjoying this one ever since. Definitely would not have picked something this shimmery as an every day bronzer, but you can't really see the shimmer when it's actually on.

Cargo Blush in 'Rome'
I bought this a few years ago in Paris and it's still going strong. It's similar to NARS Orgasm, which I do use sometimes, but it's more of a watermelon shade than a coral and has a lot less shimmer going on.

L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner (Brush Tip)
This is the secret to my eyeliner. I've tried other liquid liners, and although I do like the shape you get with a gel liner and an angled brush, this is without a doubt far and away my favourite. I don't know what it is, but when I use this my eyeliner always looks amazing, and I find it so much easier to use than felt-tip ones. Plus the colour is great - it's a really dark black and kind of shiny as opposed to looking dull and dried out - and it doesn't wear off during the day. I always have backups of this because it's impossible to get in Australia and if I ran out I would probably have a breakdown.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant
I've definitely spoken about this before because it's my holy grail lip product. I don't tend to use a lot of things on my lips, because I always feel like they ultimately end up drying me out, but this does the opposite. If I put it on at night, I can still feel it in the morning, if I put it on in the morning I'm fine throughout the day and I take it on 15 hour flights and only use it once or twice. It's just gr8.

So those are the products that I will never be without. Apart from the bronzer because I'm pretty sure I will just get Hula again when it runs out, but for now it's getting the job done very nicely. I do go through phases where I'm really into primers or highlights or a certain setting powder, but at the moment everything else I'm using is good but not quite on the same level as these badboys. On that note, I'm trying to have a bit of a shake up in that department, so there'll be more about that tomorrow. Farewell, sweet angels. x0