Last Week In Photos

I started off the week in the best way I can imagine - good pizza (anything of sub-Roman standards offends me on a personal level) and aioli (all day, every day) at brunch with mum and grandma, a new candle and some flowers I didn't have to pay for and quality time with the love of my life, Little Lord Fancypants.
Sweet, sweet cherub.

Evan and Dodie flew in from New Zealand on Sunday morning, and in the evening we decided to meet up with Lena and hit up Luna Park. It was pretty much empty so we just popped from ride to ride as our hearts desired. We were all very brave and even voluntarily went on some upside down ones, although Dodie and I did spend the first half of one manically laughing "this was such a bad idea", and the second half discussing I think maybe drinking games and boys to distract ourselves from gravity, but no one threw up so it still counts. After the park closed we picked up a balanced dinner at maccas and ate it on the beach. 'Straya.

Carouselfies abound.
Look at that poise.

On Monday I caught up with my friend Less for chinese food, a life debrief and a Eurotrip planning session, then met everyone else for drinks in the city. Didn't photograph any of that because I'm a terrible person, so we're picking back up on Tuesday. You've seen the scenic shots from the Great Ocean Road. Now you get the selfies.

The picture in the top right hand corner was taken I believe in the midst of the waterbottle witch hunt.

I didn't take any photos at the meet up on Wednesday (although I know some of you guys have selfies of us and holler to any of you that I met, especially Dayna - Fiona and I are obsessed with you), and Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends, so this is more like 'half of last week in photos', but I did fit in evidence of the echidna encounter. 

I actually quite like this format so I'm thinking that I might make this a recurring thing, but actually consciously take photos throughout the week rather than just living my life and hoping for the best. Although that is my general overarching philosophy and modus operandi so idk. We shall see. Grab the bull by its horns and just keep singin' ya song.

Proper prompted writing should be picking back up from next Monday, but for now I'm having one of those moments in life when I just need to get the backlog of content out before I can move forward and start thinking creatively again. Which wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't been terrible at blogging for the past month, but we're going to let that go. I'm back now, and that's all that matters.

See yall on the morrow. x0