Night Markets

Last Wednesday night after the meet up we decided to go to the Queen Victoria Night Markets. I didn't take any photos there because 1. I forgot and 2. it wasn't as picturesque as it sounds, but I did pick up a few things, and as I'm quite pleased with them I thought I'd share.

In true Maddi style I went for the calming trifecta of tea, candles and scented bath products.
You can put the girl in a market but you can't make her not buy tea.

CANDLEEEEEES. Yall best believe Fiona and I were all over this as soon as we saw the stall. The woman who runs it was extremely friendly, and very understanding of our need to smell every single one several times. In the end I went for Madagascar Spice, which smells like Christmas (heavy on the cloves), but it was a heck of a decision, believe you me. Very high quality, strong scents all round. I'm burning the candle I got at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the moment, but as soon as I get around to this one I'll let you know how it goes.

Luckily you can find them online at and I am definitely going to be having a browse.
Fiona got one called Parisian Nights and it is amaaaaazing.

By this point I'm sure you've gathered that if there's tea in the vicinity I'm going to find a way to get amongst it. Being me, I was immediately drawn to the peppermint and green tea, but thought I should probably carpe diem and go for something I didn't already have. I'd heard good things about licorice tea, and was assured that it didn't actually taste like licorice which was necessary because tbh I am not usually a fan. I've made this a couple of times already and it's a bit weird. It doesn't taste particularly offensive, but it's got a strange after-feel. Like it leaves your throat feeling coated, almost like you have a cold so I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but I am intrigued. If you've had the slippery elm from Pressed Juices, you'll know what I'm talking about. I went for the loose leaf option, but it also comes in bags.

If you can't get to the markets, you can also get it online at

The last thing I'm showing you is actually the first that I picked up. I know soap doesn't sound particularly exciting, but that's because you can't smell it. We spent about ten minutes smelling all the different soaps, and I ended up going with a eucalyptus one (it's mixed with someone else and smells like man), lime (amazing) and melon, which smells like summer. $5 for all three. Holler dollar bills. I don't have a website for these, but if you pop along to the night markets they should be there.

This week is the last night market of the summer, so I'm not sure if I'm going to make it back, but if I do you best believe I am going to be hitting up all three of these stalls again. Next time I go to the markets in a normal day time context I'll have a look around and let you know if any of them are there. For now, I am going to go smell my man soap and watch Kardashians. x0