Saturday Morning

I freaking love my room. Having various baes staying over all week has left the rest of the apartment looking like an absolute bomb site - which I'm going to have to attend to soon because my friend Tash is coming over tonight - but my room is manageable. An oasis of visible floor amidst the chaos. When I go into the living room I feel like I might have a mild heart attack, but as soon as I come back in here I am calm once more. I think it's really important to have a place that makes you feel happy just by existing. Some people have happy places outside, and while I do like sitting on the beach or in the park or going for a walk around the city, I know I'm the kind of person that just likes to spend a lot of time at home so I need to create that space for myself here. And I did a dang good job of it.

We're all aware how obsessed I am with my bed, but I've also been slowly getting rid of clutter all over the place and it's paying off. Instead of spending an hour tidying up every surface in my room, now all I need to do is pick up whatever I've chucked on the floor and we're good to go. Zen as hell.

This afternoon I'm going to be channeling this excess of zen into finally sorting out the photos I took on our drive down the Great Ocean Road, so you have those to look forward to, as well as bashing out a ridiculous amount of organisation and planning. With being sick, my anxiety playing up and then wanting to spend time with our friends while they were here, the last month has been a bit of a write off, but I feel like my mindset is only really going to improve after I've forced myself back into a good routine so that is what I shall do. 

I've got a pretty good idea of what's coming up in terms of content for the next week or so already, so you can expect things to get more regular again from now on. Knowing me, every second day is probably going to end up being me complaining about how much I would rather be in Italy, but you know what? You win some, you lose some. And I would rather be in Italy. Always.