From the Plane

Yoohoo gimpnozzles, I am on the plane from London to Singapore on my way back to the motherland. The in-flight entertainment isn't working which is annoying because there's some random foreign movie about something to do with the Hitler Youth that I really want to watch, but I'm semi ok on all other fronts because I have my iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop and books so I should be able to entertain myself. It'll be a struggle but soldier on we must.

So innywhoozle, I've been sitting here wid Russell on ma lap reading this book about some girl having a nice life in New York, eating chips and having a gay old time. I finished Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nm to report on that front other than the dude has to be autistic cos come on now.

I didn't let Patrick come to the airport with me because last time it was really really sad and we had to say goodbye at the airport and I cried at the airport and there are other humans at the airport, which is not ideal, so this time we just said goodbye at the house. I was still sad as tits obviously because Patrick is the best and I like being with him and we've spent probably one day and zero nights out of the last 6 weeks apart from each other so this feels wrong, but it's a lot easier to deal with that in the car by listening to one direction on repeat and then just gettin business done at the airport. And by business I mean I bought six OPI nail polishes at duty free because I was sad don't h8 a good long distance relationship is harder than a bad break up so I can spend my feelings if I want to.

Ideekz when this turned into Maddi's emoting hour but my overall point is that I'm aiight now cos I've got ma build a bear and some apple juice and in 3 weeks Patrick is coming over for 4 months. Hollaaaaa. I have nothing else to say cos I'm typing this on my iPad and I'm very tired but I don't want to sleep til the next flight but I'm semi bored of the book I'm reading and I can't be bothered to close this yet so let's just soldier on.

I have this one pink wall in my middle room (the room between my bedroom/bathroom and the hallway) and it makes me really mad whenever I look at it, but not as mad as the yellow on the doors and skirting, because when we got the house painted I specifically said not to put any of the yellow in my rooms because the combination of yellow and white gives me rage, but they did. Like it's everywhere. So now I get very angry when I think about it and I'm going to repaint it all when I get home. I texted dad. We're going to Bunnings. This shit's legit. But yur since I'm doing that I want to redo everything and I want to go to ikea and I made a massive list of ideas the other night and I am so pumped. On man. Gimme dem renovations.

Some random sped man is hell just standing up in the middle of the aisle and I'm like ...why.