The Last Few Months - November and December

So for some reason - possibly because I just tried to watch Basketball Wives so my brain needed to find something else to do - I am feeling quite reflective this fine evening. I have been pondering this year so far, and then I pondered the last couple months of last year and I feel like I somehow missed the part where all this shit started happening and now I'm looking back on it and feeling like I should write some novelz bout ma lyf. But because I am very lazy and also watching that movie 'LOL' with Miley Cyrus and that random hot guy who's pretending to be american for the movie but I think he's actually british and he looks like a really aesthetically pleasing human swan even though I hate swans but I like his face, I have decided to revisit said ladzy timez or "limez" via blog instead of best selling novel for now. God bless.


The first half of November was largely uneventful OSHOOT MILEY AND THE SWAN PRINCE JUST DID SUMMIN HELL CUTE ON THE PLANE innywho yis, the first half of November was dog dying and essays and exams, so probably not the most fantastical of times, but on the 13th my friend Gabby invited me to go to Coldplay at Etihad Stadium fo free so I was like um yis and we drank many things and had a grand old time. However I had not yet finished packing for my secret (from internet people, Melbourne bitchez and obviously Patrick were in the know) trip to England, so I didn't so much sleep that night as watch a bunch of tv and panic pack and sleep on the plane the next day. Holla. But then I was in England and I was with Patrick and I got to meet all my British douchelord internet palz and it was legit probs two of the best weeks ever. And also the start of the best three months I have ever had including when I lived in New York and that time I won House Drama. 

Personal highlights include:

  • Going to Madame Tussaud's with Gary
  • Ray's Birthday
  • Walking down Oxford and Regent Street with all the sick ass Christmas lights and fake snow with Patrick after the pub one night being hell picturesque and adorbz
  • Patrick meeting the light of my life, Edward. Watching them interact was the most beautiful thing. Also we got Wagamama.
  • Meeting everyone obviously, and hanging out at Jackson's house, rapiness and all
  • Just Jackson as a whole. Squirmy little bundle of joy.
  • Drowning on the way to Lucy's house and having the most corrupting skype conversation while there with James, Ray, George and MC. This was when we discovered that Asian Rim was a thing.
  • Spending quality time with the most pleasant human being on this earth, George Long.
  • Tricking Patrick's friends and family into liking me. Holla.
  • Going to his little sister's school musical and cheering inappropriately loudly for her at every opportunity. She really enjoyed it. Didn't you Faith.
  • Patrick is just a personal highlight of all time so he don't count AW AINT DAT CUTE nah bitch it's just logic cos we datin'.
  • Also Coldplay wid GBanga. I semi feel like that was the official end of "lolh8malyfunisux" and the official starting point of Maddi Loves Life and Has Many Adventures.


I got back from London on November 30th and spent precisely 25 hours in Melbourne to go to a 21st before getting on another plane at 9 the next morning (some may call this poor planning but I call it effective time management and I made it to the gate in time and didn't vomit anywhere so wa'eva hataz eatcho words) and flying to Perth for nine days to hang wid my god sista Sussay. 'Twas very hot because Australian Summer and also being away again kept me somewhat distracted from the whole traumatic goodbyez thang which had taken place at Heathrow and inside of my soul, which was handy and also part of my plan to keep myself very, very busy until I escaped once more into the arms of the mothercountry. I call it this because they still own us. Can't fight science. After Perth I came home and made everything Christmas and then Brianne came down from Queensland and we did lots of wholesome things like drinking margaritas larger than our heads with my BFF fo' Lyf Sara and also walking to KFC wuuuut cancels itself out. Then she left and I dyed my hair darker because I thought it was growing out weird and then I got very sad because I like it lighter and then I went to Perth again on Christmas Eve to spend the festive timez with my grandparents and then on Boxing Day I buggered off once more to the Land Without Sun for a very full last five days of 2012.


  • Going to the beach for the first time since last summer and gaining some pigmentation (which was then lost over 6 weeks in England. This bit is in brackets because it's not a highlight. I'm still trying to get it back.)
  • Being in Perth in general. Sinking cheeky bevz on the beach, going to Pink Rice which has my favourite sushi of all time, hangin wid ma half sister, hangin wid ma god sister, going to a marriage renewal ceremony and then getting inappropriately but also appropriately krunk at the afterparty and watching a lot of Law and Order.
  • Chillin at da country house in Pinjarra
  • Going to the Pinjarra Pub with many random bikeys
  • Me good mate Brian coming down from the QLD
  • When I told Sara my theory about how I think baby Jesus doesn't want me to fail at life and she laughed so hard into her fishbowl margarita that it formed a tidal wave and hit her in the face. Thank you baby Jesus.
  • Post-London (mostly Patrick-based) debriefing at Starbucks with AD. 'Tis where we hold all our important life meetings. We're having another one this week. Haygurl.
  • Getting everyone excellent Christmas presents and wrapping them up super nice
  • Convincing at least three people that drop bears are real
  • Finally going back to England (a month is a very long time when one is in a long distance relationship. As is three weeks. Which is why I'm writing a giant blog in the hopes that by the time I finish it will be Friday and I can go to the airport and get Patrick.)
  • Having a battle royale with MC and Patrick while James watched on skype. Patrick literally threw her multiple times. And then we locked her in a cage. Peace and love.
  • More Jackson. I really freaking love Jackson.
  • Seeing my friend Louisiana in Covent Garden, having her meet Patrick, Jackson and MC and seeing the Build-A-Bear shop, where dreams take wing.
  • Madshackles Gathering
  • Meeting George and Ray at London Bridge and convincing George that Patrick and I were going to be 45 minutes late (we may or may not have had to promise to be on time because this one time we may or may not have been like two hours late to go to his house) and then getting Ray to lead him around the corner and just see us smiling very smugly at him
  • New Year's Eve.

In retrospect they were pretty opposite months. I did a lot in both of them, but November was half waiting around and doing lots of essays, half running off on secret international doing a bunch of new stuff and meeting new people, and December was full in that again, a lot happened, but the things that happened were really relaxed. Compare a week of going to lunch, brunch, movies, the beach and the bottle shop to a week in which we went to Salisbury, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells and Central London a bunch of times and did something different every day. That's November vs. December in my mind, but the waiting part in December sucked less because it was hot and I was distracted and there were no essays.

Innywho, this is quite long already, so I'm going to split this into two parts. 2013 shall be up shortly good chaps, even though most of it is stuff y'all will already know because it's happened since I started this blog but this is as much for me as it is for anyone else so cuff yoself. Imma go finish watching LOL now. Peace and blessinz.