Rome - Day 1

So as we are all aware by this point, Patrick and I spent last week in Italy. We spent two days in Rome, two days and Venice and a day in the middle which was part Rome, part Venice, part train.
I don't know how much I'm going to be bothered actually writing about what we did, but there's a video on my channel about Rome and another one about Venice that you can go take a cheeky squiz at.

We got to Rome really early on Monday morning so we had the whole day to activitize. The hotel was literally around the corner from the Trevi Fountain, so we went there first. Patrick hadn't been to Rome before so I was super helpful and provided many interesting facts about the landmarks, as well as a flawless navigation of the city.

We had lunch just off Piazza di Trevi in a place I'd been before but it was super quiet because since we went at the very end of January there were like no tourists. It's aiight though because they played Adele's entire album while we were there. Patricia did some drawing and I ate a bunch of pizza and then felt sick because I don't know how to stop eating when I'm full if something tastes good.

After lunch we went back to the hotel for a bit and then decided to go to the Spanish Steps. I actually did manage to get us to Piazza di Spagna without any trouble so snaps for Maddi. It was rainy as balls but when you're in Rome for like two days you don't really care about ya fro emerging.

We went for a jolly romp up the steps and walked along the road up the top where you can see all of Rome. It was pretty sick.

hay gorgeous

We walked around and then found a park thang (idk if it was the Borghese Gardens because it was very close to where those are but I remember them looking different so I really DK guyz) and walked around it for ages and looked at all these statues. I do nay enjoy walking but I liked walking that time because it was cute and there was cool stuff to look at. Also once I reach a certain level of fro I just stop caring.

After a couple of hours of wandering and being adorable and admiring the giant severed heads we decided to go back to the hotel and then get dinner n whatnot. It was starting to get dark and the area around the steps looked really pretty when we were on our way down and yis. We did some other stuff but I can't remember.

I am very very tired right now so imma do day 2 tomorrow. Faretheewell.