I've told myself that I can get chicken caesar salad for dinner tonight if I finish everything on my to do list, and this blog is on my to do list, so bring it son.

We got into Venice at like 3.30 in the afternoon on Wednesday and didn't really do anything noteworthy. We walked around and explored and had dinner at this really nice place with the best pasta of my entire life and unexpectedly strong wine.

The next morning we walked around for a bit, got some hamazing pizza (Patricia got a kebab da fuk but it's ok cos then he got pizza too) and took the vaporetto down the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco.

gettin so much attention luvin lyf

I have photos on these lions at like four different points in my life but I can't be bothered to go find the ones from when I was small so here is one from 2011.

This is the point where Patrick says "Maddi don't do that" because he knows I'm going to go into a hair depression. Gud timz. It will grow. Plz lord.

Speaking of Patrick, he got himself covered in birds which I was not a fan of, and then we went wandering around the back streets just off the square to find a stationary shop.

We finally found one and it was the nicest place ever. The man who owned it made most of the paper himself, and Patrick and I each got a sick ass leather book in which to pour our creative talentz. 

After that we went back to St Mark's and had coffee and other bevans outside at a really nice cafe in the square while Patrick drew the basilica. Twas cold as ballz but pleasant.


After that the sun went down and it was fucking freezing so we took the vaporetto back to the hotel and went to dinner at the same place as the night before. I want to eat there always. Oh god. 

The next day we got our shit together and went back to St Mark's for lunch, then took the boat to the airport where we did a little bit of shoppang and flew back to London.

I thoroughly enjoyed our super quick Italian adventurez, and we already have a list of things to do next time we go back (obviously including going inside the Colosseum so Patrick doesn't cry himself to sleep for the rest of time) so there are more adventures ahead. Deuces.