Rome - Day 2

Patrick woke up before me on our second day (massive surprises here as I am the most spritely morning lover you ever did see) and went to the Trevi Fountain to do some drawing. I met him out there after I got ready and we chilled for a bit and watched a really cute little kid called Luca wander around, stare at Patrick's drawing and eventually throw the most adorable tantrum I have ever seen.

We went to Termini (the train station, peasants) to get our tickets to Venice for the next day, and while we were there went to one of the most underwhelming Sephoras I have ever been in. I was very sad but I still bought stuff s0o0o0o0o ya win some ya lose some home skillets. I really wanted to go to the Forum because it's one of my favourite places in rome, and it was only like a 25 minute walk from the station so we took a jolly wander down some pretty streets and stopped for lunch on the way at possibly the most Italian place we ate, in that after we finished lunch and had some dessert the nonna working behind the cake counter kept feeding me pastries for free. If that's not authentic Italian dining I genuinely don't know what is. We also had some bevans at lunch and so were mildly buzzed for the rest of the walk to the forum.

Via dei Fori Imperiali is surrounded on both sides by forum ruins, and goes from the Colosseum up to the Altar of the Fatherland, which is this massive fuck off white marble building/memorial thing ID actually K what it's about but I think we went in there one time on the school trip and it's rli pretty. Regardless, considering Patrick had never been to Rome before you can semi imagine how hard his shit was flipped when we were walking along that road.

yoohoo caesar

dis dat thing dat i dno wut itz actually 4

After we went and looked at the big white pretty thing we walked back to the forum and then went inside of it. I have an app on my phone where you go and start at one point and then when you move around it shows you on the screen what the forum looked like in ye olde roman times and it was siiiiick for about three minutes and then we just walked around like normal.


After an hour or two hours or idk how long of walking around the forum we left and walked over to the Colosseum, which is legit right next to it. I also got a really really pretty painting on the way.

We couldn't go inside because it was closed and Patrick was sad but we did see an asian guy doing the most serious thumbs up ever so it was kind of ok.

We walked around the area near the Colosseum for a while with all these super expensive houses and pretty views n whatnot til it started to get dark and we were about to collapse and then took a taxi back to the hotel.

I took this on my phone and didn't edit it at all, holla for amazing photographic skillz.
Srzli tho I really like this picture.

When we got back to the hotel we went to the fountain again for a little bit and then went upstairs and passed the fuck out.

The next morning we got up and caught the train to Venice. Coming soon. Oshoot.