I'm sitting here very pleased with myself because I made good lunch and I'm half way through my to do list so things are looking good on the chicken-caesar-for-dinner front. I'm so happy to be back in Melbourne. I really love London and hanging out with England friends and obviously I miss Patrick but it's just so nice here. It's summer so it's sunny and hot and all the good fruit is in season and it doesn't get dark at freaking 4pm (claps for the UK) and it's the least depressing weather ever and the other day I was on the tram coming home from seeing Aladdin with Sara (Disney movies on at Village every weekend holla Mulan this week) and I was just like hot dang this city is attractive.

Innywhoozle, I was quite pleased to arrive home to three pieces of actual mail that weren't bank statements, which is pretty much the most exciting thing ever. I love mail. So much.

Everyone (apart from me because I'm always the 12 year old in comparison to everyone else which was unfortunate when everyone else turned 18 and I was still praying to jayzus I didn't misspell the last name on my ID) is turning 21 this year, so the invitations doth begin. I'm particularly excited for Nina's because Patrick's going to be here by then and also it's in a barn. Holla holla.

I also got a letter from my little cousin saying thank you for her christmas presents which was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. 

I thought her jellyfish was quite good.

I've only been back for five days which is weird because it feels like a lot longer than that, but this time last week I was still at Patrick's house. I've been rawther busy since I got back though, seeing movies and catching up with people and trying to resurrect what little tan I had before I ran away to the land without sun for two months. Amidst this I've somehow managed to completely neglect my 365 book (a book I got from Kikki.K where you do one page a day for a year) and the last thing in there is a glorious shark P.Strattz painted me over my last day in London and the day I didn't have because of the time difference while I was on the plane, so I must go and fix that now.

Since I've been back I've also been cleaning my rooms - a massive task as anyone who has ever been to my house will know. I have a middle room between my bedroom and the hallway where my TV and couch are, which is almost clean but still has a way to go on the organisation front, and then my bedroom which is almost always a legitimate disaster area with a mountain of clothes on the floor over a foot deep in some places. Things are slowly getting less dire in there. As well as those I've been cleaning the loft, where we've just dumped everything for the last 10 years, so I can get a new couch n whatnot for my middle room and I've made some excellent discoveries.

We had to design butterflies in year two and this is apparently a "Moron Fly" 

I don't really know where to start with this

Apparently this is Dobby circa 2000

And I would just like to bring attention to "I like myself because I am a part time detective" and "It is usually fun to be with me".

We're not even going to get into the shit I did in photos when I was younger. That will end up being its own miniseries at some point.

Peace out home skillets, imma go finish my list and order some sweet, sweet takeaway.

Photos I found of George (left) and Goldy from when I was 12 or 13. George died when I was 17 and Goldy died 3 and a half months ago so it's nice to have shit like this ya know