Hello sweet angels, mama's home. 
Did You Miss Me? by Olly Murs starts playing to signify the resurrection of joy.

Indeed, I have missed you too. My month off turned out to be a fantastic decision, mainly because it gave me time to plan the rest of the year without stressing about getting content out, but also because about three hours in I realised how disturbingly addicted I was to twitter. Like hardcore. I would go to the fridge and immediately draft a mental tweet about the lack of cheese variety. More on that enthralling journey of self discovery soon, I'm sure, but for now there are more important matters at hand.


As I mentioned, I spent my month off planning the rest of this year, and because I'm me that obviously revolved very much around the creation of a schedule. Shall we explore it together? I think we shall.

I'm going to post main channel videos on Mondays and Thursdays. The Monday video will be basically the same kind of video I've always made, but with a more consistent level of effort, and Thursdays will sometimes be the same but they might also be more talky or serious or just slightly less put together. Basically things that I've wanted to make or introduce that I didn't want to relegate to the second channel but haven't felt were enough to stand alone for an entire week. Y'all don't really need to worry about the specifics, basically just two main channel videos a week.

My second channel is going to stay pretty much the same, but with the addition of a weekly vlog. I like daily vlogging but tbh I don't do enough to warrant recording every day on its own, plus that's a lot of effort so a weekly vlog seems like a splendid compromise.

A Version of the Truth is harder to explain so you'll just have to go over there and see what turns up, but how I've described it to myself is "two solid posts and at least one filler a week", plus whatever Sussy comes up with. Over there is where I'll put any more self-contained, polished content, like How To posts or magaziney articles, whereas this blog is a lot more personally focused.

Speaking of this blog: every day. That sounds like a lot, because it is, but I've come up with a bit of structure that I feel will keep things from ending up as just a continuous jumble of self-indulgent BS. Bit of variety for the lads.

Sundays I'll just check in and have a bit of a chat with y'all.
Mondays I'll post a bit of writing that I've done during the week prompted by something specific.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be more informative, like things I want to share with you guys. More lifestyle focused, but in a varied way. People, places, things. Etcetera. 
Fridays will be a more personal post like what I generally do on here, just rambling about whatever's been going on lately.
And Saturdays are a bit of a wildcard. They'll probably be a bit of a mix between the vibes of Tues-Thurs and Fridays, and if I feel like I want to take a day off that'll be it.

So that is my plan. It's one that I think I should be able to stick to, as long as I keep on top of my organisation, but obviously if after a month I'm feeling completely burnt out then I'll adjust it. Trial and error, meine lieblinge. I've decided to put a lot more emphasis on my blog and the website this year because career-wise most of the things I want to do involve writing, and now that I'm not being forced to do it 24/7 for uni anymore I need to keep workin' dat brain on my own. Little projects to make the bigger projects better. In terms of content I just tried to think of what I enjoy reading/would be writing anyway and how I could fit that into a blog context. 

At this point I'm feeling very out of practice, but that's exactly why I think this'll be an excellent endeavour. Gotta keep them wheels spinnin' to strengthen that authorial tone, yo. Now I'm gonna go make myself a caprese salad and watch Grand Designs to celebrate the dawning of a new age.

Let's soar together. x0

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